Testimonials - FFDIC

Rebecca Behrens
The "in" classroom training is covered by a diverse group of instructors, covering a wide range of topics often overlooked in common training courses. Nowhere else can you have a real fire death scene re-created in front of you and work with someone during every step of the process, including experts in each field, than be able to go back and view what happened from the beginning and learn from it. Overall the class has been invaluable to my career and training . Rebecca Behrens, Sacramento Police Department
Fire Investigators, Coroner/Coroner Investigators, Police Officers
• Incredible class, I had high expectations and they were surpassed!
• This course has been the best training ever
• The most “real life” type training I have ever had
• Everything was outstanding. Classroom instructors; outstanding, field scenarios; outstanding. I loved the course
• The selection process for the instructors shows, all were very, very credible
• The course was excellent, I enjoyed the live burns and field case studies.
• I will be a much better investigator at a fatal fire in the future
FFDIC 2018 Course Evaluations
Fire Investigator
This was the best training in 20 years
FFDIC Class 2018
S. Catalano
This class should not be missed, as it is imperative to your success in your professional career, and I recommend this course to all. You can’t get hands on fire death investigation training anywhere else like this in the nation. Detective Sgt. S. Catalano, Santa Clara CO. SD Homicide Detail
FFDIC Class 2018