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In 2008, SLOFIST, Inc.was created as a 501-C (3) non-profit organization. The corporation is the training arm of the task force for all outside training.

  • hide All of our courses are dedicated to "hands-on" Training.
  • hide All of our courses require the students to "get dirty".
  • hide Most courses employ human cadaver donors.
  • hide We constantly evolve to meet new training needs.

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World Wide Fire Investigation Training

Investigators come from all over the world to attened our Forensic Fire Death Course

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What We Do

We provide the best specilazed and unique fire investigation training


Fire Deaths

Acquire the skills to identify typical causes of death in multiple fire scenarios based upon actual cases.


Vehicle Fire

In-depth investigation of vehicle fires with a focus on electrical, mechanical systems with the latest methods for arson.


Arson Training

Identify common ways arsonist are setting fires by recreating real-life cases and gathering data.


Search Dogs

Training for Arson and Cadaver dogs using real life scenarios and cadavers to increase your partners efficiency.


Medical Skills

Advanced skills training for advanced life support using cadavers in real life scenarios.


Law Enforcement

Advanced training for law enforcement investigation of traffic accidents involving pedestrians.