Participants will learn the various aspects of fire-related death investigations as well as common approaches to process each scene appropriately.

This 2016 Course Has Been Canceled.

Past graduates of the Forensic Fire Death Investigation Course (FFDIC) will be observers of the field operations.  This is where the staff of SLOFIST, Inc. stages the scenarios for the current class of students attending the FFDIC. Attending this new “Field Operations Course” will give you the additional opportunity to witness actual burning of human remains; more so than you experienced during your attendance at the FFDIC.

If you have not attended the FFDIC in its entirety in the past, you will not be allowed to attend this unique opportunity.

Fire and law enforcement investigators will participate in live vehicle burns to analyze fire times, patterns, and temperatures using the scientific method.

Certified HRD/Cadaver Handlers & Dogs, and Observers will learn the various aspects of locating the deceased in various situations.